Javascript Workshop Series

Javascript series,Past Events
Posted on:
February 8, 2014


Participants will be introduced to Javascript as a programming language that is able to do a variety of things in a web project such as add interactivity and animation to web pages, or retrieve or manipulate data.

The journey will start with a review of the core concepts of a programming language and how Javascript implements them through a series of examples.

From there, participants will move toward developing an understanding some common implementations of Javascript in a web project using tools such as jQuery and Angular.


By the end of the Workshop, participants will have built a basic web application using a 3rd party data source (such as one available at


Participants should have a basic familiarity of HTML and CSS.

Software Required

Code editor

Web browser

Hardware Required

A computer / laptop able to run a modern web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, IE9+), and a code editor (ie. Sublime, Notepad++, Dreamweaver, etc).


  • Intro to JS
    • Web standards
    • Getting started
      • options and best practices for writing javascript code
    • Jargon
      • boolean
      • variables
      • strings
      • numbers
      • statements iterators
      • scope
    • Into the code
    • Manipulating HTML using Javascript
    • Events
      • taking a look at events that take place within the browser
  • Javascript Libraries
  • Working with Data using Ajax
  • Javascript Frameworks for App development
    • building an app using Angular