Genius Lab – Season 3

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Posted on:
April 26, 2013

Level 1 of 3

How can you think outside of the box if you don’t know what the ‘box’ is? If you are intrigued by this and related questions, then this workshop is for you!

Genius Lab is a space where we examine and experiment with pieces of genius thinking from across philosophy, economics, the natural sciences and information technology in order to acquire the vocabulary to become better problem solvers, innovators, and creators.

It is a challenging and opportunistic tour of genius and this is the first of three workshops that has the outrageous aim to help you think like a genius in the Digital Age.


Participants will develop the ability to apply the concepts applying concepts like ‘game’, ‘argument’, ‘algorithm’, ‘complexity’, and ‘networks’ to everyday situations. The workshop also provides the foundation for Level 2.


There are no prerequisites. However, you are most likely to enjoy the sessions if you recognize yourself in the following:

  • Passion for learning, demonstrated by regularly making connections between different ways of doing and thinking
  • As a problem solver,  you have a stake in the outcomes of public debate
  • As an innovator,  you regularly risk embarrassment by testing evolving ideas with others
  • As a creator, you are not satisfied just asking ‘what if’ but also offer your own answers the question
  • Find that ideas that conflict with your own can be stimulating


The theme of Level 1 is Problem Solving. It is broken down into the following five 2.5 hours sessions:

  • Being Genius in the World, Old and New
  • The External Context: How Games are Taking Over our Lives
  • The Internal Context: Why Logic Matters
  • Problem Solving
  • Real-World Applications