CSS Layouts and the Responsive Web

CSS Layouts,Past Events
Posted on:
November 4, 2013

CSS has a relatively low barrier to entry for such things as formatting text and implementing colors, but wrapping one’s head around CSS layouts, and the considerations required for displaying content on screens of various sizes can be quite the obstacle to tackle.

This pursuit can lead to years of angst, frustration, maybe a broken keyboard or two.

This workshop series should quell this negativity, establishing a foundational understanding of how elements naturally behave in the browser, and building upon this to construct layouts of increasing complexity.

Participants will be exposed to the process of building prototypical layouts such as the traditional two-column layout and horizontal navigations, through to a walkthrough of the options and implications of using available CSS units of measurement, and finally implementing CSS to format content in a way that is tailored to whatever particular screen size may be viewing it (implementing Responsive design).

This session will run on the following dates:

  • Tuesday, May 5, 7pm
  • Tuesday, May 12, 7pm
  • Tuesday, May 19, 7pm
  • Tuesday, May 26, 7pm